Soup’s up!

The shadows lengthen and autumn throws out her gorgeous golden light.

Because the last few days in Joburg have reminded us that autumn is definitely here, and that the winter is going to be a cold and harsh one, I prepared some soulful soup.

One thing I love about soup is that you can put all the vegetables you like in, and the kids will never know! (The only problem is my younger child doesn’t eat soup. Won’t even try it without the greatest of performances. Sigh. I’ll try again this winter.) I find soup to be so comforting, and nourishing. Add a crusty bread, freshly baked, and it’s groans of joy all round.

Anyway, this week’s soups are both quite chunky, thoroughly hearty vegetable soups. A couple of differences: One has a teeny bit of tomato in, and kidney beans. It’s a little less dense than the other. The other has ginger, chilies and garam masala in. It’s decidedly thicker, and deliciously spicier. I’m afraid neither of them are Banting-friendly – that’s next week’s project. They’re frozen in 800g batches, ready to be delivered/collected. The cost is R60 for 800g. I listened to Tom Waits Nighthawks at the Diner while I cooked. He always makes me laugh. And cry a little.

I’m going to make soup my mission over the next few weeks. I saw a recipe for a tumeric and coconut soup, which sound so healthy and tasty. I also have a pumpkin just waiting to be turned into something beautiful. Watch this space. I’ll also be cooking some stews and curries, just in time for the bite. Feel free to drop me a line with any specific requests or suggestions.

For orders in the central Johannesburg regions and the West Rand, please click here.


Loving my aloes at the moment!

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