My official leave began yesterday, with the kids returning to school and my month’s sabbatical starting. To celebrate, I cranked up the Sinead O’ Connor and danced in the kitchen while making some soup, zinging on freshly squeezed carrot, orange and ginger juice.

It’s amazing how evocative music can be. I might as well have been 19 and in Le Club, dancing next to Trisha Lansom. I belted out Emperor’s New Clothes without any fear of embarrassment or criticism from my children because of my inability to pitch (they’re both brilliant musically, inherited from the other side of the family 😉 ). I swear, they were tears of Joy pouring down my face as I chopped onions and sang Nothing Compares 2 U. 

Butternut Bonanza

What I produced is a delicious (but I think too spicy for you, Sharona), strangely sweetish spicy butternut soup. It’s fantastic with a twirl of fresh cream or full fat yogurt. I secured the last bowl for myself (there was a bit of a bun fight for it in my house after everyone tasted it)(ok, most of us!) but I managed to freeze a few batches. R60 for 800g or R45 for 600g. You can order it here.

Mood Food

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